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The OCCC has meetings during the Fall and Spring of each academic year, with the host and dates selected at the previous meeting. The host is responsible for handling RSVPs via the email list and arranging the meeting room, food, parking, and group photo plans. Contact them to confirm your attendance and specify any special requirements for your meal. Discuss ride sharing on the email list.

Friday, April 23, 2021
Online Video Conference - Zoom
Doug Jones
Room, parking, food
No In-Person Venue - Online Only


The chair maintains the agenda, mediates each meeting, sends reminders and announcements as each meeting approaches, and works with the host to coordinate planning. The secretary records, publishes, and maintains the minutes. Officers are selected to serve two-year terms.

Doug Jones
Mandy Reininger
Next selection
Spring 2021


Friday April 23, 2021
0800 Informal Discussions
0830 News From The Colleges
Introductions and roundtable discussions
1100 OCCC Business and Group Discussion
Approve October 2020 Minutes (Chair)
Select next meeting day and time (Chair)
Select Chair and Secretary For Next Biennial Term (Chair)
MTM-CS Update (Joe Sventek)
UO BS/BA Data Science (Joe Sventek)
CS 205 (Andrew Scholer)
CS 16x Outcomes (Andrew Scholer)
Presentation by John Bjerke re: AWS Academy Program
1200 Working Lunch
1300 Workgroup Sessions
Outcomes Workgroup
1500 Adjourn
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