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  1. All original material contributed to OCCCWiki is deemed to be free content under the GNU Free Documentation License, meaning that it may be freely used, freely edited, freely copied and freely redistributed subject to the restrictions of that license.
  2. We do not "intend to reinvent the wheel" and will make use of as much existing open source and GNU free documentation as possible, but restructuring it for appropriate presentation in a online learning environment.
  3. The long term goal of the content is to provide enough depth for each of these classes that external texts may not be required. Material is to be written with a target audience of lower division CS and Engineering students in mind.
  4. The content shall be organized as much as possible into relatively independent "chunks" so that anyone is free to organize their presentation and sequencing of the material as seems appropriate to their style and professional judgement.
  5. As the content matures, it will also contain embedded flash animations, java applets, sound, and video to enhance the presentation of the topics. Thus material presented here will be much more than just an online text or dictionary, but rather a highly interactive learning site.
  6. Sections on languages and data structures will present all conceptual material as "language independent" and only use PsuedoCode in the concept sections. They may then followed by examples links for specific langauges.  This way the content will continue to be relevant as languages evolve and individual school preferences change.
  7. Similarly, all concepts will be presented independent of any particular application or IDE.  Conceptual sections can be followed up with links to examples pages for a particular application or IDE so that the conceptual content is independent and adaptable to different applications or IDEs.
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