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In-class discussion/activities 1st hour

MGF 09/13/12: First class meeting just class logistics coverage: role, syllabus, class policies, intro to web site and LMS site. Emphasize that the class supplements the online learning materials to help with understanding key concepts, but the class cannot cover all of the online content, reading and studying the REQUIRED online content is necessary as tests will cover the range of topics presented in the ONLINE learning materials.

In-class discussion/activities 2nd ( & 3rd for Andrew) hour

MGF 09/13/12: Class discussion of CS and related professions; activity job site search DICE.COM to find a job from each category and list educational and experience requirements. Degree planning activity (groups of 3-4): List personal goals, Computing discipline, degree and program that you should pursue.

In-class discussion/activities 3rd (4th for Andrew) hour

MGF 09/25/12: Discuss History, generations of computers, Moore's Law and where this might take us. Maybe throw out the idea of the Computing Singularity.

OCCC CS160 discussion page

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